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What is The Grow-Off?

The Grow-Off is Canada’s first cannabis education and science-based competitive event. Participants will receive the same clone to start, so it’s a level playing field, and we will award cash prizes for best in THC/CBD potency, flavour, and yield (size). A major benefit is that our growers keep 99% of what they grow because our judging system is solely based on lab results to determine the winners.

Why should I participate?

Benefits to joining:
• Cash and supply prizes from our generous sponsors.
• Free testing of your sample courtesy of our lab partner.
• New, elite genetics.
• No judging packets: keep what you grow and sell at a premium.
• Data analysis specific to your operation.
• Press opportunities and 6 months of marketing through Grow-Off channels.
• Invitation to our VIP, private awards ceremony and other events throughout competition.
• Winning a prize that isn’t based on the biggest booth or giving away the most free stuff.

If I have multiple cultivation licenses, can I enter more than once?

Yes! Many of the larger groups are entering multiple grow facilities, pitting them against each other as a way to evaluate their teams (and for internal bragging rights).

How large of a sample will you need for testing?

Our lab partner will need five grams to test, so this is a small fraction of what you’ll produce. You can sell the rest as a premium product.

Which testing lab are you using?


How do I win The Grow-Off?

We will be awarding cash and supply prizes in the categories of Potency (CBD & THC), Flavour and Yield (size).

What strain will be given out?

It’s a secret! In order to preserve a level playing field, growers will need to identify this in real time. What we can say is that the clones are part of an elite genetics program.

Who am I competing against?

We will be releasing a full list of competitors once we begin, and you’ll see quite a few familiar faces at a launch event, to be announced soon.

When will my samples need to be ready for testing?

TBD – this will be based on our official launch date.


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